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Industries That We Provide Smart Lifting Solutions To:

Food & Beverage / FMCG Manufaturing

From lifting bags and sacks of ingredients, to handling rolls & reels of packaging, to palletising from or onto conveyors, our solutions are endless.

Logistics (Warehousing & Distribution)

From ergonomic & efficient ways of emptying containers, to sorting/picking items to and from pallets/storage areas, we have you covered.

Chemical Manufacturing / Handling

Moving and handling potentially hazardous or flammable chemical products requires accurate, reliable & hygienic equipment.

Airports & Ports Baggage Handling

Efficient baggage handling is essential to prevent delays and ensure passengers receive their belongings quickly.

Handling solutions that address multiple needs at once

We connect the dots



Flexible product solutions allow you to adapt the equipment depending on the application. By replacing physically demanding tasks with user-friendly systems, the roles of your staff become more flexible. More tasks can be done with less staff.


Health & Safety

It is your legal and moral responsibility to look after the well-being of your staff. The consequences of exposing your workers to physical strain can be costly. Our solutions comply with the highest safety standards in the world, allowing you to carry on doing what you do best.



Ergonomic equipment that reduces physical strain means that there is less downtime while, at the same time allowing staff to work for longer periods of time. By providing the best tools for the job, we allow you to increase the output, while simultaneously reducing the input required.



Being able to reduce the amount of energy, effort, time, and money required to produce a desired result means an increase in efficiency. We allow you  to hit your targets with ease and gain a competitive advantage over other companies operating in your market.




The products that we supply meet the highest quality and safety standards in the world. With an increase in regulation being seen across all continents, we ensure that you are able to tick the boxes for government and company policies.





We form ongoing relationships with our clients. The complementary product range that we offer, results in us providing additional solutions on a regular basis. By using our products, you gain support from us and our international principal suppliers.


We provide both individual and combined product solutions tailored to your needs

Our products are often complementary to each other

Marco Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables

Marco Scissor Lift Tables

Two-year guarantees on all components and ISO 9001: 2000 International Quality Standards are only two of many features that assure high quality. We supply tables that can handle loads from 50kg to 50 000kg.

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TAWI Vacuum Lifting

Efficient, versatile and user-friendly. With TAWI Vacuum Lifters, you can handle a diverse range of items such as bags, packets, boxes, batteries, timber, rolls, reels, drums, plastic-wrapped goods as well multiple goods at once.

Goods Lift

Marco Goods Lifts

We supply 4 types of high quality Goods lifts to the South African market:

  • Scissor-based Goods Lifts
  • Free Standing, Mast Driven Goods Lifts,
  • Fixed mast Goods Lifts

Lifting Trolleys / Stackers

We supply high quality electric trolleys for precision lifting/positioning and for functions such as reel handling, roll handling, roll manipulating, roll clamping, drum handling and many other specialised applications.

Pallet Pal Spring Leveller

PalletPal Spring Tables

PalletPal Spring Level Loaders automatically adjust the height of pallet loads as boxes are added or removed, eliminating bending, reaching and stretching.

TAWI Gripper Tool

Hoist & Gripping Tools

Our wire hoists are faster than most, ideal for precision lifting when you need full control of your load. For heavier lifting and lifting in tough conditions we offer powerful and durable chain hoists.

Industrial Manipulator

Industrial Manipulators

Thanks to in-depth study and surveys carried out by sales technicians, a series of ad hoc grip-ping tools are created in order to make the movement of the components as ergonomic and efficient as possible.

Are Your Employees Being Exposed to Unacceptable Manual Handling Practices??

FInd out about the common injuries and risks associated with manual handling and how to avoid them with the correct solutions.

Man With a Back Injury From Carrying a Box

What is Smart Lifting?

Smart Lifting is doing more work with less staff while simultaneously, creating a safer and more ergonomic work environment.

Who We Supply Products & Solutions To:

Reputable brands use our reputable products.

Ergonomic Palletizing Solutions To Boost Efficiency While Reducing The Risk Of Staff Injuries.

Manual Palletizing involves excessive lifting, bending, stretching as well as walking around the pallet. These actions become even more harmful when the weight of units approach the 20kg mark
The risk of injury also increases with the intensity of repetitive movements per person per hour or per day (even under light loads).

The ergonomic equipment we offer is designed to reduce or eliminate these sins depending on the equipment combination selected.


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