With endless applications, we have individual and combined product solutions that solve handling challenges both big and small.

We achieve this by combining world leading brands with 30 + years of local expertise. 
Marco Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables

Marco Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables

The largest scissor lift table manufacturer in Europe with over 70 year of manufacturing to date.

Two year guarantees on all components and ISO 9001: 2000 International Quality Standards are only two of many features that assure high quality. We supply tables that can handle loads from 50kg to 50 000kg.

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Vaculex Vacuum Lifting Equipment

Lift, swivel, spin, move and position in a safe, quick and effortless manner.

Efficient, versatile and user friendly. With Vaculex Vacuum Lifters, you can handle a diverse range of items such as bags, packets, boxes, batteries, timber, rolls, reels, drums, plastic wrapped goods as well multiple goods at once.

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Torros Multi Lift Stackers

Torros multi handling lifters are well engineered for precision positioning with a wide range of attachments ideal for functions such as reel handling, roll handling, roll manipulating, roll clamping and many other specialised applications.

The lifter range is broken down into 80kg, 150kg, 300kg or 500kg lifting & handling capacity. The applications are endless!

Goods Lift

Goods Lifts

We supply 4 types of high quality Goods lifts to the South African market:

  • Scissor based Goods Lifts
  • Free Standing, Mast Driven Goods Lifts,
  • 4 Post Goods lifts
  • Fixed mast Goods Lifts


Palletizing solutions to increase efficiency and reduce the risk of injuries.


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