Roll & Reel Handling

Lift, Move, Tilt & Turn With Ease

Reel Handling Stacker

Floor Based or Suspended Roll & Reel Handling Solutions With Flexible Options

Effective methods of handling rolls and reels of various shapes and sizes. We offer both individual and combined product solutions, a few of which can be found below.

Floor Based Roll/Reel handling Solutions

Various sizes and attachment options depending on the roll or reel handling applications up to 500kg

Suspended Roll & Reel Handling Solutions

Lift, turn, tilt, move and position reels or rolls up to 120kg with wire hoists (larger reels can be handled with chain hoists or vacuum lifting)

500kg Roll Handling Walkie Stacker Attachments

This is a fully powered stand-alone Hydraulic Clamp or core gripper (that can attach to a walkie stacker or existing heavy duty trolley) for 500kg applications

Mobile Lifting Trolley Option

TAWI Lifting Trolleys (up to 250kg)

TAWI Roll Handling

Lift, Move and Tilt Rolls or Reels with TAWI with Electric Lifters

Their innovative, modular design together with a wide selection of lifting Tools make TAWI Lifting Trolleys ideal for flexible and efficient roll or reel handling.

With the benefit of being able to move to different locations, this is an extremely versatile and effective solution

  • Ergonomic handles ensure the good working position
  • Safe and reliable for everyday use
  • Modular design for easy adaptation to your needs
  • Program lifter to stop at pre-set height to mount the reel on axis
  • Tilt, turn, rotate, lift and move reels without effort
  • Grip reels from the core or from the outside
  • Easy to drive thanks to robust wheels

Multiple Attachment Options That Are Easy To Change

TAWI Electric trolleys can be used for a diverse range of roll and reel-handling activities in conjunction with other handling equipment or activities.

Additional applications can be found on the TAWI electric lifting trolleys page.

Torros Lifting Trolleys (250 - 500kg)

Torros Roll Handling Stackers for loads 250 - 500kg

For loads above 250kg, we are able to supply heavy-duty trolleys, capable of lifting, turning, and positioning rolls and reels up to 500kg. Stacker options for moving and lifting (not turning/ rotating) loads up to 1000kg are also available.

With an emphasis on precision, reliability, and quality Torros are specialists in the roll and reel handling industry.

Stainless steel options are available.

Roll & Reel Handling With Overhead Systems

Chain Hoist Reel/Roll Handling

TAWI Chain Hoist systems may be suitable for heavy-duty handling where large rolls or reels need to be lifted and turned onto another device from a pallet, in order to be safely lifted and positioned onto the relevant application arm.

The Chain Hoist can be used for additional applications by changing the application attachment.

Wire Hoist Roll/Reel Handling

  • Grip reels from the core or from the outside
  • Tilt or rotate to the desired position
  • Variable speed control for great accuracy
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly, allowing everyone to lift
  • Suitable for loads up to 120kg

Combined Solution Product Options

Many of the products that we offer have dual-use purposes. The products on this page as well as vacuum lifting systems can be adapted and combined to create a solution that is cost-effective and effective, specifically to your workflow.

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