Roll & Reel Handling  South Africa

Torros Roll Handling Precision Stackers and Attachments

The process of lifting and handling large rolls and reels of materials in production, manufacturing and procurement environments can be difficult task.

With rolls of plastic and paper weighing between 80kg to 1000kg, manual lifting is not an option. Using standard lifting equipment comes with challenges as the safety and precision requirements may not be met.

We supply a range of steel and stainless steel precision lifters manufactured by Torros in the United Kingdom. The exceptional quality of these products has resulted in us supplying them to countries such as

Roll Handling Machine

Attachment Options For Reel & Roll Handling


Torros Multilift 500kg - SCHE
Electric Rolll Turner

Roll Turner (Manual)

Roll Turner

Electric Turner

Clamp For Role Handling

Roll Clamp

Single Arm Attachement For Roll Handling

Single Arm Roll Attachment

Twin Arm Holl Handling Equipment

Twin Arm

Cradle Attachment for Role Handling

Roll Cradle

Roller Arm For Roll Handling

Single Arm Roller

RVB Attachment for Roll Handling


The Torros Roll Handling Solutions are highly customisable and we are able to provide machines manufactured to your needs. For more information and pdf downloads on the multi lifting devices that we provide, please view our page on Torros Stackers.

Roll & Reel Handling with Vaculex Vacuum Lifting

When roll handling rolls of plastic or paper of less than 200kg, vacuum lifting maybe an appropriate method. This would be an ideal solution for those who require vacuum lifting for other lifting and handling activities. Standard Vacuum lifting equipment can be used with the addition of the roll or reel handling attachment.

Rolls can be moved at a fast rate although the handling and positioning will not be as precise and controlled as the Torros units.


Find out more about Vaculex Vacuum Lifting Equipment or Contact Us for more info