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Lift door with vacuum lifting

Vaculex's vacuum lifting systems provide solutions and
suction tools that allow individuals to easily handle
large sheets of metal, wood and plastic with ease.

The Lifting systems are cable of:

  1. Lifting of all kinds of large sheets including doors, metal sheets as well as plastic boards.
  2. Tilting the sheets
  3. Rotating & Positioning the large sheets in assembly situations.
Lift sheet of wood with vacuum lifting


Tilt sheet of wood with vacuum lifting


Rotating sheet of wood with vacuum lifting

3.Rotate & Position

Custom attachments for lifting or handling any type of sheet.

Although Vaculex has a wide range of attachments and
solutions for lifting and handling metal, wood and plastic sheets, custom made tools can be provided.

We offer you an opportunity to greatly increase the
productivity of your operations as well as create a
safe and healthy working environment. It also allows
fewer workers to perform tasks.