Vaculex provides lift solutions for every aspect of handing parcels or boxes, for example:

  • High intensity handling of parcels and boxes.
  • Tilting and turning of boxes.
  • Lifting of very heavy boxes.
  • Stacking of boxes.
  • Lifting open boxes.
  • Lifting odd sized boxes.
  • Emptying or filling boxes.
  • Lifting several boxes at the same time.

Custom solutions for handling of food can be created from the Vaculex range of standard components.

If the standard range cannot solve the problem Vaculex can provide you with custom made tools to solve your specific needs. Please view the video below to view how the system operates. For more videos, applications and info about box and parcel handling or vacuum lifting equipment please visit

Animation showing a man lifting boxes using Vaculex vacuum lifting equipment
Illustration showing 6 men using vacuum lifting equipment to lift boxes onto pallets.

Palletizing and depalleizing boxes can come with some unique handing challenges. Although vacuum lifting can be an ideal method for handling boxes and other items, we have have some solutions, both separate and complementary that can add to efficiency and ergonomics in the work place. We advise you to look at our manual palletising solutions in order to get a full understanding of the benefits that we can provide.