loading dock

1.      Marco of Sweden, is 80 years old and is the largest manufacturer of lifting tables in Europe, specializing in the manufacture of these tables and exporting them worldwide.  A new wholly owned Marco factory in China supplies the same product range to Marco customers in the Asian, Australian and now also our South African market.

2.      Southworth, the largest manufacturer of Lift tables in USA purchased Marco AB in 2015, creating an even larger resource of supply covering the world. This new relationship allows the introduction of further popular models to the South African market.

3.      Marco owns large resources of knowledge and intellectual property in this specialized field and do nothing else except manufacture lifting tables. A video showing typical manufacturing procedures is available on Marco   www.marco.se     and our website below.

4.      Tables are manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Standard and European Standards EN 1570 and EN 60204-1, always guaranteeing the integrity of the product, complying with all important quality and safety requirements.

5.      All components are covered by an important 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee if operated within specified intended application.

6.      Marco lifting tables have been marketed and installed in South African industry for the last 25 years. The industry most familiar with the product is the local Motor Vehicle Manufacturing industry with very strict quality and reliability requirements in ensuring the smooth running of all important production processes in the plants of this competitive industry.  Local users include BMW, Daimler, Ford, Nissan, VW, GM, and many component suppliers.

7.      Non standard applications are referred back to the factory for approval and recommendations thus ensuring the integrity of all recommended offers especially those in intensive applications (over 40,000 cycles per annum) or in continuous use.

8.      The factory manufactures a large range of standard tables (see range of models on the website) but efficient, flexible production allows easy and economical manufacture of customized and special models. A large percentage of normal Marco production is on customized models.

9.      The factory has regular production of small popular sizes which are kept in stock ensuring good availability of these sizes and fast dispatch from the factory.

10.   Tables are manufactured with box beam or rectangular tube profile scissor arms which gives superior lateral stability when compared to scissor arms manufactured from profiled flat steel and this is especially important with dynamic (moving) loads.  These scissor arms are robot precision machined thus ensuring smooth and precise lift and lower action.

11.   All hydraulic cylinders fitted to the tables have a dumping action for bump free lowering and are fitted with overload prevention valve too.

12.   The tables are painted in two component epoxy type paint 80my thick ensuring a scratch resistant surface, enhancing the very good long term appearance of these tables.  Alternative thickness of 120my and galvanized finish can be offered too for outdoor applications.  Stainless steel is also an option.

13.   Emergency lowering valve is standard allowing the table to be lowered when power is suspended for whatever reason.

14.   An additional safety valve ensures that the table will not collapse if a hydraulic pipe is severed or comes disconnected for whatever reason.  Other safety features include fitting of safety rail around platform to prevent the table lowering onto any obstacle or obstruction.

15.   All Marco tables have motor overheating protection and electrical components in protection class IP 55. Higher protection class can be offered on request.

16.   Powerpack components are all sourced from highly reputable manufacturers with internationally recognised brand names and specifications ensuring only the best available power packs are fitted.  These power packs are fitted under the platform or away from the tables.

17.   All tables are issued with full operator’s manual, essential spares list and maintenance instructions.

18.   Full inventory of spares is available long after the table is installed ensuring long years of trouble free operation and product support.

19.   Tables are individually tested and approved prior to delivery and are accompanied by relevant test certificates.

20.   Marco is represented in South Africa by Supply Chain Handling Equipment cc,   www.supplychainequip.co.za

whose representative, Paul Henry, has been associated with Marco for over 25 years.