Container Unloading

Mobile High Frequency Vacuum Lifting Equipment to assist with the unloading of parcels and goods from containersĀ 

Vacuum Lfiting Unloading a Truck Container
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Ultimate Truck & Container Unloading Efficiency

Vacuum Lifting systems are proving to be an extremely effective and efficient way of loading and offloading goods from conveyors in a manner that reduces the amount of physical strain associated with it.

With compact and mobile versions of such as the TAWI Mobile High Frequency Lifter, users are able use the equipment in areas of restricted space such as inside containers and trucks.The equipment allows staff to move items directly onto conveyors, gripping from both the top and side of the item.

This results in optimal flexibility as fewer staff can be used for such activities, with the ability to move the mobile high frequency to a different location when required.

By eliminating the physical strain of lifting and handling, more work can be done while reducing the risk of injury. All of the above results in increased productivity and efficiency.

Videos of the Mobile High Frequency Lifter Unloading Containers