The Faster, Safer, Easier Way to Load and Unload Pallets



  • Heavy-duty springs automatically adjust as boxes are added or removed keeping loads at a comfortable working height
  • Low-friction turntable
  • Extremely stable base - no fixing required
  • Integral fork pockets for easy relocation
  • Multiple spring configurations for loads from 180 kg to 2040 kg
  • Spring changes (if necessary) are fast and easy - no tools required
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PalletPal Spring Level Loaders automatically adjust the height of pallet loads as boxes are added or removed, eliminating bending, reaching and stretching. By maintaining loads at a constant height, workers can build and break down pallet loads quickly and easily, while expending minimum effort and avoiding the risk of injury. A built-in turntable top allows workers to spin the load so they can remain in one spot throughout the loading and unloading process.

Click here to see the PalletPal Spring Selection Guide.

Pallet Pal

Click on the video above, in order to observe the benefit of using a Palletpal when compared to the traditional method.

Download the PalletPal user manual by clicking on the link here: Owners Manual PalletPal Spring Marco

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