PalletPal 360 Pallet leveler

A Fast, Safe, Easy, and cost-effective spring loaded table to load and unload pallets

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Manufactured by Southworth (In partnership with Marco) the high-quality PalletPal 360 Spring Level Loaders automatically adjust the height of a pallet with an increase or decrease in load. This occurs when boxes or objects are removed or added. It, therefore, serves as a pallet leveling device.

PalletPal 360 Benefits

The Palletpal eliminates bending, reaching, and stretching and serves as an effective ergonomic solution that can be used in conjunction with other handling products. By maintaining loads at a constant height, workers can build and break down pallet loads quickly and easily, while expending minimum effort, simultaneously avoiding the risk of injury and unnecessary fatigue. A built-in turntable top allows workers to spin the load so they can remain in one spot throughout the loading and unloading process.

Pallet Pal360
Palletpal 360 Box demo


  • Heavy-duty springs automatically adjust as boxes are added or removed keeping loads at a comfortable working height
  • Low-friction turntable
  • Extremely stable base - no fixing required
  • Integral fork pockets for easy relocation
  • Multiple spring configurations for loads from 180 kg to 2040 kg
  • Spring changes (if necessary) are fast and easy - no tools required

Product Info Table

180-2040 kg 241 mm 711 mm 1108 mm 915 x 915 mm 186 kg

PalletPal 360 Video

This video demonstrates the benefits of the PalletPal 360 while being compared to traditional lifting methods which pose several health risks.

Download the PalletPal user manual by clicking on the link here: Owners Manual PalletPal Spring Marco

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