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Drum and Barrel Handling with Vaculex Vacuum Lifting

Vaculex offers safe, efficient and effective  ways of barrel and drum handling. Innovative attachments allow individuals to maneuver, lift and pour drums and barrels over 200kg.

Custom drum & barrel handling for your unique needs.

Many solutions for handling barrels and drums can be created from the Vaculex range of standard components. If the standard range cannot solve the problem, we can provide you with custom made tools to solve your specific needs. A video showing a Vaculex vacuum lifting system handling a 210l drum can be found at the bottom of the page. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Man lifting a drum / barrel with vacuum lifting equipment in a brewery.

Vaculex VL solution with a purpose built barrel tool has been developed for breweries with focus specifically on micro-breweries.

The Vaculex VL lifting solution allows you to lift, rotate and stack the barrel in one motion. This process can forklift. Thus, the overall working process will become easier, smoother and faster. Our Vaculex vacuum-lifting solution is ergonomic, flexible and reduces the load on your body by more than 80%. Thus minimizing strain injuries, back pain and sick leave, whilst increasing efficiency and user happiness.