Drum & Barrel handling

Using Specialized Lifting Trolleys or Vacuum Lifting Equipment 

Drum Handling

TAWI Lifting Trolleys for Drum & Barrel Handling <250kg

Lift, move, tilt and rotate drums or barrels with ease. TAWI Drum Handling Trolleys are versatile electric lifters that will help you handle most types of goods in an efficient, ergonomic and safe manner.

Different attachments are available, best suited to the different drum handling applications that exist.

  • Ergonomic handles ensure good working position
  • Safe and reliable for everyday use
  • Modular design for easy adaptation to your needs
  • Lift and tilt drums to empty contents in hopper
  • Lift and turn drums to place in shelves or pallet racks
  • Easy to drive thanks to robust wheels

Vacuum Lifting to Lift & Handle Drums & Barrels

TAWI vacuum lifting offers safe, efficient, and effective ways of the barrel and drum handling. Innovative attachments allow individuals to lift, move and pour barrels or drums up to 270kg.

Fixed installations with a jib or overhead crane system allow the user to operate with flexibility under the given area. Different tools and grippers can be fitted, should the application be inconsistent.

Mobile Vacuum Lifters can be used for high-frequency applications where barrels or drums up to 65kg are lifted and handled.

Simply provide us with information about your drum handling application and we will provide you with a solution.

Brewery Barrel & Keg Handling

Vaculex VL solution (Now Owned by TAWI) with a purpose-built barrel tool has been developed for breweries with focus specifically on micro-breweries.

The Vaculex VL lifting solution allows you to lift, rotate and stack the barrel in one motion. This process can forklift. Thus, the overall working process will become easier, smoother, and faster. Our Vaculex vacuum-lifting solution is ergonomic, and flexible and reduces the load on your body by more than 80%. Thus minimizing strain injuries, back pain, and sick leave, whilst increasing efficiency and user happiness.

Barrel Handling Videos & Case Studies

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