The 4 Ergonomic Sins of Manual Palletizing & Depalletizing

Most Palletizing and Depalletizing activities are done manually (handling of bags and boxes onto and off pallets)

This involves excessive lifting, bending, stretching as well as walking around the pallet. These actions become even more harmful when the weight of units approach the 20kg mark.

The risk of injury also increases with intensity of repetitive movements per person per hour or per day (even under light loads).

The ergonomic equipment we offer is designed to reduce or eliminate these sins depending on the equipment combination selected.

Lift Box Egonomically


Bend down with box palletizing


Stretch with box


Screenshot 2020-05-04 at 12.43.30

Walking Around The Pallet

The Most Common  Unacceptable Manual Palletizing Practices:

Lifting injury ergonomic
Screenshot 2019-05-17 at 14.09.25
Screenshot 2020-05-05 at 15.56.18

Ergonomic Acceptability Score = Unacceptable

Eliminate the 4 Ergonomic Sins With Our Palletizing Solutions:

Section A:

*Options 1 - 8
Solutions that require a Walky Stacker or forklift  as the pallet is positioned above the floor.

Walky stacker Palletizing Solutions

Section B:

*Options 9-15:
Solutions that can be used with a pallet jack as the pallet sits on the floor.

pallet Jack palletizing solutions

Section A

Option 1: The pallet is placed on a Marco PalletPal self levelling device

*Closed height above ground and walky stacker required

Ergonomic Palletizing Table 3

The  PalletPal is a low cost option which keeps the top of the palletized load at waist height via a spring system.  A built-in turntable allows the pallet to be rotated thus eliminating the need to walk around the pallet.


Option 2: The pallet is placed on a Marco Single Scissor Electro Hydraulic Lift Table

*Closed height above ground and walky stacker required

Ergonomic table scissor lift

The Marco Single Scissor Lift Tables allows the user to accurately control the height / level of the goods with a push control button.

Option 3: Turntable Fitted to Marco Single Scissor Tables

*Closed height above ground and walk stacker required

Ergonomic Palletizing Table 3

Turntables are fixed to the platform of the lift table. Circular ones are best suited for lift tables place on the floor. Rectangular turntables are bast suited to lift tables that are recessed in the floor (see option 6)

Option 4: Using Vacuum Lifting Equipment with a Pallet Levelling Device

*Category A (Pallet above the floor, requiring walky stacker)

Ergonomic Acceptability 10/10

Vaculex Vacuum Lifting used with a PalletPal or Single Scissor Lift Table can provide the perfect solution for palletizing as it eliminates the strain of lifting as well as the need to bend, stretch or walk around the pallet.

Option 5: Marco Lift & Tilt - (Ideal for Small Components and Items)

*Category A (Pallet above the floor, requiring walky stacker)

Ergonomic Acceptability 10/10

We are able to add a tilt function on top of the scissor lift table, ideal for handing small items in and out of boxes and bins.

Option 6: Marco Tilt Only

*Category A (Pallet above the floor, requiring walky stacker)

Ergonomic Acceptability 10/10

A tilt can be placed on a base frame to provide a Tilt action only. Ideal for small components.

Option 7: Marco Scissor Lift Tilt with Pallet Bin Pick & Return

*Category A (Pallet above the floor, requiring walky stacker)


1 Full Pallet Bin Feed


2. Full Pallet Bin Lowering 


3. Pallet Bin Tilt For Picking


4. Pallet Bin Return

Ergonomic Acceptability 10/10

Ideal for feeding pallets to a depalletizing station with a two bin system ensuring that there is no waiting for a full bin to arrive or for an empty bin to be removed.

Option 8: Marco High Lift on Raised Platform

Section B (Pallet Handling Possible with Pallet Jacks)

Option 9: Single Scissor Recessed in a pit in the floor.

*Category B (Pallet on the floor and can be positioned by a pallet truck)


8a. Pallet levelling devices such as Single Scissor Lift Tables can be used if recessed into the floor. The pallet can be dropped to floor level, allowing the use of a pallet truck.

Ergonomic Acceptability table 2

8b. Rectangular shaped turntables, reinforced for pallet truck wheel loads can be added to single scissor lift tables. The table will only recess into the pit when the turntable is aligned.

Ergonomic Palletizing Table 3

Option 10: High Lift Table recessed into the floor.

*Category B (Pallet on the floor and can be positioned by a pallet truck)

Ergonomic Acceptability table 2

High Lift Tables are used where very tall pallet loads are being palletized. Turntables cannot be used due to the fact that the pallet cannot rotate inside the pit.

Option 11: Marco ML Low Profile table design

*Category B (Pallet on the floor and can be positioned by a pallet truck)

Marco Low Profile Model ML with ramp in lowered position
Marco Low Profile Model ML with Ramp in elevated position

With a Chep type pallet with timber slats on the floor, a ramp is needed to deliver the pallet onto the Low Profile Platform. The height of the platform above the floor is 80mm for 1000kg capacity table and 100mm above the floor for a 2000kg capacity table.

Ergonomic Acceptability table 2

Option 12: Marco MLU Low Profile Lift Table in U Shape

*Category B (Pallet on the floor and can be positioned by a pallet truck)

Marco Low profile Model MLU in lowered position
Marco Low profile Model MLU in upper position

The pallet must be a Euro pallet design with no timber slats running from left to right in order for the U shape low profile scissor lift table to accept the pallet.

Option 13: Marco Mobile Tilt

*Category B (Pallet on the floor and can be positioned by a pallet truck)

Ergonomic Acceptability 10/10

A mobile Marco Tilt is well suited to applications where users need to remove or fill small items from a bin or crate.

Option 14: Vaculex Vacuum Lifting with Pallet on the Floor

Ergonomic Acceptability table score 9 (Pass)

With a pallet sitting on the floor and no effort required to lift the load, this provides a good manual palletizing solution. lf work is intensive, a pallet levelling device may be necessary as show in option 4.
Vaculex vacuum lifting can also be used to lift or place boxes, bags, cylinders and sheets etc..