Scissor Lift Tables

We Are the Sole South African Distributor of the world-renowned Marco Lift Tables

Scissor Lift Table
High Quality Scissor Lift Table

High-Quality Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables for Applications That Demand Reliability & Durability

Marco manufactures world-leading scissor lift tables for industries and clients that require high-performance, precision hydraulic lift tables.

MarcoLift scissor lift tables are developed with over 70 years of industry experience and refinement. They are manufactured according to the CE Machines Directives, 2006/42/EG, and satisfy the recommendations of the European Standards EN 1570 for lift tables. They also exceed the ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Standards.

All components on the lift table are covered by an important 2-year guarantee as well as an experienced support team.

Models That We Supply

Single Scissor Lifts

The basic model of our lift table range, the multi-purpose single scissor tables have many applications

High Scissor Lifts

high lift scissor tables have multiple vertically mounted scissors that provide a higher lift

Twin Scissor Lifts

Two (or more) scissors in an end-to-end configuration for the required combination of platform length and lifting capacity

Loading Dock Scissor Lifts

These are designed for use in extremely difficult environmental and operational conditions, including severe outdoor weather

Low Profile Scissor Lifts

low-profile tables provide safe and economical material handling in production lines and coordinated logistics systems

U-Shaped Scissor Lift Tables

The U-shaped low-profile table is specially adapted for handling Euro pallets (or crates/containers)

Scissor Lift With Tilt Function

We are able to add a tilt function on top of the scissor lift table, ideal for handing small items in and out of boxes and bins

Economy Scissor Lift Tables

Economy Line models are available only in standard sizes, configurations, and colors

Mast Driven Lift tables

The MDL transports goods safely between levels, and offers easy ramp access and a very low closed height

Car Scissor Lift

There are three typical sub-applications: apartments and offices, residential, and showrooms

Spring Loaded Pallet Leveller

A spring actuated level loader that makes loading and unloading pallets faster, safer and easier

Marco Scissor Lift Table Line Loading

Important Features:

  • 3D PC-Software development
  • EN 1570
  • ISO 9001:2000
  • IP65 Scissor Lift Tables and IP55 motors.
  • Hose burst valve in all cylinders
  • Double Sheer Rollers
  • All rollers are anodized
  • Adjustable compensated flow valve - constant lowering speed
Scissor Lift Table used to manufacture Lamborghini Urus

Custom Solutions For Your Application

Each chosen lift table configuration is dependent on the application for which the table is being used. Marco's flexible and efficient manufacturing facilities allows a multitude of variations to be offered and manufactured at competitive prices.

What is of paramount importance is that all relevant information pertaining to the application or duty cycle of the Scissor Lift Table is communicated to us. We then with the assistance of the factory, recommend the best solution for the application is chosen, supplied, and supported by the 2-year guarantee.

We are the Sole Agents for Marco Scissor Lift Tables in South Africa.

Members of Supply Chain Handling Equipment have been supplying and installing Marco scissor lift tables for over 25 years making us specialists in the industry.

A full inventory of spares is available long after the table is installed ensuring many years of trouble-free operation and support.

This has resulted in us supplying lift tables to companies such as BMW, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Daimler, GM, SAB and many more.

View Various Marco Lift Table Applications in the Video Below

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