TAWI Lifting Trolleys < 250kg

These robust lifting trolleys offer flexible and efficient handling of reels, drums, containers and more.

Lift, Move & Tilt With Electric Lifters

Their innovative, modular design together with a wide selection of lifting Tools make TAWI Lifting Trolleys ideal for flexible and efficient material handling.

  • Ergonomic handles ensure good working position
  • Safe and reliable for everyday use
  • Modular design for easy adaptation to your needs
  • Program lifter to stop at pre-set height to mount reel on axis
  • Tilt, turn, rotate, lift and move reels without effort
  • Grip reels from the core or from the outside
  • Easily slide boxes from platform to shelf with platform rollers
  • Easy to drive thanks to robust wheels


  • Lifting capacity: <250 kg
  • Stroke: 840-1910 mm
  • Brake system: Central brake with directional lock (excl. PRO40)
  • Battery charging procedure: 100-240 V, grounded 50-60 Hz
  • Up and down motion: 2-speed hand Control (excl. PRO40)
Tawi Roll Handling

Mobile Trolley Lifter Applications 

Crate Handling

Drum Handling

Reel Handling

Component Handling

Electric Lifting Trolley Videos

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