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Vacuum Lifting systems are proving to be an extremely effective and efficient way of loading and offloading goods from conveyors in a manner that eliminates the risk of employees being injured.

Vaculex Palletizing Solution

Tasks such can be done for at a higher speed without fatigue. This means that jobs get done at a faster rate with fewer employees. This will ultimately save costs.

Palletizing boxes off a conveyor

In 2009  vacuum lifting products from Vaculex were awarded "The Material Handling Solution of the Year" by the Swedish magazine Transport and Logistics today. The product that won this award is Vaculex's ParceLift and it is designed for rapid loading and unloading of trailers and containers.

Different and custom attachments mean that a wide variety of goods can be lifted and handled.Videos of staff loading and unloading goods onto and off conveyors can be found at the bottom of the page.

As seen in the image a ParceLift sytem is assembled onto  a telescopic boom conveyor system. The ParceLift system automatically adjusts its inbuilt height to suit different sizes of containers: this is to ensure maximum working height inside the container currently being loaded or unloaded is always maintained.


Vaculex ParceLift is easy to work with and requires only a short training session.

To ensure maximum performance Vaculex ParceLift is engineered with low
weight/high  strength materials such as carbon fibre composites and aluminium.This enables Vaculex ParceLift to be very well suited for rapid material handling due to minimal operator effort to handle the equipment very rapidly.

Videos Showing workers using Vaculex vacuum lifting to Load goods onto a Conveyors