Revolutionise your warehouse logistics operations 

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A Mobile & Flexible Solution To Unloading Containers

Resulting in speed, efficiency, ergonomics and safety, never been seen before.

Gain a significant return on investment by overcoming bottle necks in the container unloading process while simultaneously reducing the number of staff required. With additional products for sortation off conveyors, we have complete solutions to streamline your processes.

Tailored Product Features Designed With Purpose

The TAWI unloader was developed and revised through years of testing with some of the worlds most demanding clients/applications.

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  1. Flexible modular system - can unload items to the conveyer belt or a pallet. The conveyor belt can be placed to the left, centre, or right spot behind the platform.
  2. Fully mobile - has wheels and a battery-powered system that makes it easy to drive around to different doors or sites, which makes it an asset for the entire facility.
  3. Integrated ergonomic vacuum lift - it can lift items up to 88 lbs. (40 kg) and is a one-handed operation that allows the operator to grip items from any angle as well as rotate them. Also, it’s on a mast that can be raised or lowered and on an arm that allows it to move side-to-side and forwards/backwards to help operators reach items.
  4. Mobile conveyor belt - can adjust upwards, downwards, inwards and outwards for improved reach and ergonomics.
  5. Safe operator platform - it can be raised or lowered to give the user optimal reach, has safety rails that can move into position behind the operator, and has a built-in stabilizing system to help when travelling over inclines.

Proven To Unload Containers More Than 50% Faster Than Manual Unloading

Less staff, less injuries, less fatigue, less time and more flexibility.

Container Unloader Product Details:

Attachment: Configured to be static or dynamic:

Cord: 22m reel
Battery: 24v

Material: Carbon fiber arm or steel arm
Weight limits: 40 kg [MCU40] or 50 kg [MCU50]​
Lifting speed: 0-1 m/s
Arm Height: Steel 2625 / Carbon 2500
Lifting Stroke: Steel 1815/ Carbon 1500
Power requirements: 400V / 50Hz
Options: Fast coupling enables change of suction feet​

Belt Width: 450mm
Conveyor Total Width: 590mm
Capacity: 80 kg/m
Belt Speed: 0.1-0.5 m/s (variable)

Container Unloader TAWI

Complementary Products/Solutions

For complete container unloading and warehouse efficiency

Box/Parcel Handling

Lift and move various types of boxes, parcels and cartons, including multiple items at once. TAWI offers a wide range of vacuum lifting products to facilitate the efficient handling and loading of sealed or open boxes and cartons.

Mobile High Frequency Lifter

The Lifter can be easily moved with a pallet truck, forklift or other device. Position the device next to a conveyor or work station and provided you have a power source to plug into, you are able to lift and handle items up to 50kg at a rapid pace.

Fixed Vacuum Lifting Units

Floor mounted or wall mounted jib cranes provide great freedom of movement for your lifting work. Overhead cranes are adapted for specific customer requirements and can be fitted to new or existing support structures.

Mobile Order Picker

The TAWI MOP is a mobile (battery powered) vacuum lifting unit, capable of lifting loads of up to 80kgs with ease. It can be moved and positioned and operated on while sitting on the forks of a pallet truck or walkie stacker.

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