Crate Lifting & Handling

A scissor lift table adapted for easy handling of pallets

A Pallet of Crates

Lift, Move, & Tilt Crates With Ease

The manual lifting and handling of crates in production and warehouse environments can be strenuous. Filling and emptying crates can also come with some unique challenges. Using the correct tools and equipment will help get the job done in a safe and efficient manner.

Whether workers are handling food items, components, or other items, we are able to provide you with a crate-handling solution tailored to your needs.

Our solutions are frequently used when transferring goods onto or off pallets or to and from conveyor systems. Order picking is also a popular application where individuals need to empty or access the items inside of the crate. Popular solutions can be found below:

Crate Handling With Vacuum Lifting

We offer custom TAWI Vacuum lifting solutions specifically designed for the lifting and handling of crates of various shapes and sizes. Special attachments allow individuals to handle the crate without physical strain, effectively moving freely within the designated area. This means that more work can be done with less staff in a safer manner.

Vacuum Lift Crate containing meat
Hoist Lifting a Crate

Crate Handling With a Wire Hoist

Pick up goods from all angles, turn, tilt or rotate the load with great precision and place it safely, exactly where you need it. Variable speed control allows you to choose exactly how fast or slow to move at any point, ensuring safe and precise lifting at all times.

Lifting Trolleys

TAWI Lifting Trolleys let you pick up a crate, transport it to wherever you need it, and elevate the crate with no physical effort. Should you need to tilt the crate to empty its contents the tool can do that for you. Choose between manual or electric tilt functions, depending on your needs.

Handle Crates with TAWI Trolley
Marco Mobbile Bin Tilt

Marco Mobile Tilt

A mobile Marco Tilt is well suited to sorting applications where users need to remove or fill small items from a bin or crate.

Marco Lift Table With Tilt

Ideal for feeding pallets to a depalletizing station with a two bin system ensuring that there is no waiting for a full bin to arrive or for an empty bin to be removed.


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