Wire Hoist (High Speed)

Handle a variety of goods with speed and precision.

Wire Hoist
Viper Hoist

Variable Speed Control, Custom Tools and Accessories

  • Grip reels from the core or from the outside
  • Tilt or rotate to the desired position
  • Variable speed control for great accuracy
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly, allowing everyone to lift
  • Comfortable joystick handle for one-hand control
  • Lift groups of containers for optimal efficiency
  • Tools for handling canisters of various shapes and sizes
  • Custom-made accessories for weighing the load
  • Lift sacks without leaving any marks
  • Tools for handling all types of woven sacks

Product Options

Lifting capacity 60 kg
Lifting speed 0.75 m/s
Power supply 230 V +/110%
Lifting height 2000 mm
Speed control variable
Frequency 47-63 Hz
Lifting capacity 120 kg
Lifting speed 0.35 m/s
Power supply 230 V +/110%
Lifting height 2000 mm
Speed control variable
Frequency 47-63 Hz

Popular Wire Hoist Lifting Applications

What would you like to lift?

Lifting Boxes with a wire Hoist


Compnent Lifting


Contailer Lift


Wire Hoist Handling Crates


Reel Lift with Wire Hoist



Custom Solutions

Flexible Overhead Crane and Jib Arm Solutions

TAWI crane systems offer flexible solutions for mounting lifters so that you can use them wherever you need.

TAWI Jib Crane

Jib Cranes

Floor mounted or wall mounted jib cranes provide great freedom of movement for your lifting work. TAWI jib cranes are robust and reliable and can be easily adapted to specific customer requirements.

TAWI Overhead Bridge Crane

Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes are adapted for specific customer requirements, securing the optimal suspension of lifters to be integrated into your workflow. Cranes can be fitted to new or existing support structures.

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