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Working between two fixed levels with Marco hydraulic scissor goods lift or the Mast Driven Lift (MDL).

Marco's unique mast-driven lift (MDL) transports goods between levels up to 5.5 m yet has easy ramp access and a closed height of only 65 mm. It uses high-quality well-engineered components. For example, direct-acting hydraulic telescopic lift cylinders provide safe, smooth, and self-leveling operation. Assembly on site is quick and easy, with no pit required because the lift is freestanding and self-supporting.

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Mast Driven Goods Lift


The MDL Goods Lift is CE-marked and fully compliant with EN 1570-1 or Machine Directive 2006/42/EC, Annex IIA depending on application, with all certificates available on request. It offers safety by position for safe service and maintenance, plus a host of operator protection features such as safety enclosure, door guard locking and emergency buttons. The MDL also has overload protection and a cylinder safety valve for secure positioning.

Low-cost transport

The MDL saves time and money even before it starts operating. No crane is required for transpor-tation, and only low-cost standard vehicles are needed. Delivery times are reliable, ensuring the minimum disruption to your operations. On arrival, modular parts make it easy to get the MDL into your premises even through small entrances.


MDL Goods Lift
Mast Driven Goods Lift

Quick and easy goods lift installation

The MDL does not require a pit, and is installed in just one day by two people. Standard parts assemble perfectly, first time. No welding is needed – fixing is by bolts and screws – which makes installation particularly easy in hazardous or restricted environments.

Comprehensive service contract

The MDLgoods lift  is designed for easy service and maintenance, with standard parts available ex-stock. Our service contract makes service even smarter, with annual inspections and reviews by our authorized experts. For peace of mind, the program includes full risk and safety analyses, while all parts are tested and serviced.