Manual Handling Solutions For Logistics Processes

Ergonomic solutions to significantly increase efficiency, productivity in logistics and warehouse environments

Let Us Increase The Efficiency, Productivity & Safety of Your Logistics Operations

Ergonomic logistics handling solutions are crucial for safe and efficient transportation of goods within the distribution, warehouse and logistics industry. The cost of injuries and dissatisfied employees is high. Our comprehensive range of products and solutions can help you gain a competitive advantage by improving efficiencies and enhancing the well-being of your workforce. These logistics handling solutions prioritize safety while reducing operational costs, enabling you to optimize your operations without sacrificing performance. Bridge the gap between manual handling and automation with our solutions, tailored specifically to the South African logistics industry.

Logistics Handling Solutions That We Specialise In:

Let us turn your bottlenecks into opportunities!

Container Truck & Unloading

Unloading trucks and loading trucks can be a strenuous and time consuming task. Take a look at how we can improve your operations

Conveyor to Pallet Handling

Loading or Unloading items from conveyors to pallets can pose a variety of health & safety risks to employees. Find out how we can solve them

Ergonomic Order Picking

Picking up orders and heavy items around the warehouse can be time consuming and require multiple hands at once. We have a better option

Roll & Reel handling

Lifting and handling rolls and reels of plastic & wrapping materials can come with challenges. Find out how we can overcome them

Pick & Pack Solutions

Lift drums, barrels, kegs or pails with little effort and great efficiency.

Ergonomic Work Positioners

We offer box lifters for all types of boxes and cartons, allowing users to access all heights.

Logistics WorkFlow Using Vacuum Lifting (Ergonomic Manual Handling)
Logistics Industry Ergonomic Handling

Videos Demonstrating How We Can Improve Your Logistics Handling Challenges