Handling Solutions For The Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

Solutions that meet the requirements to handle flammable, hazardous and corrosive chemicals.

Chemical Handling Solutions That We Specialise In:

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Chemical Mixing & Processes

Chemical Processing

The chemical industry typically receives their materials packaged in either paper or plastic sacks and bags, although sometimes barrels or jugs are also used. However, due to their weight and fragility, handling these packages can pose various challenges. The bags and sacks are often quite heavy and easily torn, making it difficult to lift and manipulate them in an ergonomic manner. Even with two people working together, lifting and holding these heavy bags while opening and emptying the contents can be challenging and carry a significant risk of product contamination.

Filling and Weighing Chemicals

Filling & Weighing

To ensure that there is no risk of contamination during the filling or weighing of chemical ingredients or components, it is crucial that the packaging and process remain uncompromised. When attempting to enhance efficiency in this phase by minimizing manual lifting and manipulation, it is important to ensure that the lifting equipment utilized does not damage or jeopardize the product's or packaging's integrity. Additionally, this approach can mitigate the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

Chemical Palletizing

Chemical Palletizing

Traditionally, palletizing has been a strenuous manual process, leading to frequent occurrences of repetitive stress injuries, downtimes, and damage to products or ingredients. However, with the TAWI system, equipped with our vacuum lifters, clean room products, and ATEX certified solutions, packaging a wide variety of types and even the most flammable or delicate ingredients can be done safely and efficiently.

ATEX Diagram

ATEX Lifting Solutions

TAWI specializes in supplying ATEX rated lifting equipment, with a range of products that are certified for different zone ratings. If you are looking for solutions that comply with ATEX zones in your business, our team can provide proficient advice. Our vacuum systems and accessories, approved for ATEX use, are manufactured using stainless steel and connected with ground/earth wires to prevent static electricity from causing ignition. For expert advice tailored to your specific ATEX requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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