Glass Handling

TAWI Vacuum Lifting to lift, tilt and handle glass sheets, windows, and windscreens 

Sheet Lifting Suction Cups

Lift tilt and move glass sheets up to 500kg

Ideal for manufacturing and assembly tasks


Windscreen Handling

Lifting and handling of windscreens for the car, airplanes, helicopters, and other transportation markets.

Glass Sheet Handling

Glass Sheet Handling

lift, tilt and move large sheets of glass in a safe and effective manner. Various sizes and attachments are available.

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Window Handling

Moving heavy windows can be a dangerous and challenging task. With vacuum lifting or suction cup grip options, we have a varierty of solutions.


Safe & Easy To Use

A TAWI vacuum lifter can lift, tilt and rotate sheets of glass or windows, providing safe and ergonomic lifting for these delicate products. Able to move glass sheets up to 500 kg or more horizontally and up to 250 kg vertically, the TAWI vacuum gripper makes light work of this strenuous lifting.

Custom Solutions

Many custom made solutions for handling windows can be created from vaculex's standard range of products.

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Various Customer Segments:

TAWI & Vaculex's vacuum lifting equipment for lifting and handling windows are used by window manufacturers, and manufacturers of cars, aeroplanes and prefabricated houses around the world.

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