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We provide glass lifting solutions for both production and warehouse activities:

Tasks solved with Vaculex's Vacuum lifting equipment include:

  • Lifting all kinds of windows/glass
  • Tilting and turning of all windows/glass
  • Positioning of windows/glass in assembly situations
Vacuum lifting Windows-Wind-Screen2

Custom made solutions:

Many custom made solutions for handling windows can be created from vaculex's standard range of products.

Contact us for more information regarding this.

Various Customer Segments:

Vaculex's vacuum lifting equipment for lifting and handling windows are used by window manufacturers, and manufacturers of cars, airplanes and prefabricated houses around the world.

A video demonstrating a Vaculex vacuum lifting system lifting and handling a windscreen can be found below.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or visit to view more detail about the products and their applications.