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Vaculex Vacuum Lifters equipped for handling
baggage can virtually lift all kinds of normal baggage.

We can also provide you with custom made lift equipment to solve very complex baggage handling situations. The equipment allows staff to seamlessly handle large volumes of baggage without any physical strain.

These products offered by Vaculex have become increasingly popular at Airports around the globe. Vacuum lifting systems offer a much safer and user friendly work environment opposed to manually handling baggage. Continuous manual handling can
cause spine damage to workers resulting in labour issues.

Case studies regarding the impact that the baggage lifters have made can be found on Vaculex’s website.

Vaculex are world leading vacuum lifting manufacturers and have installed baggage handling systems in over 35 countries around the globe.Videos Showing Vaculex Vacuum Handling systems lifting and handling baggage are shown below:

Hands holding a vacuum lifting handle which is lifting baggage.

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