Mobile Vacuum Lifters

An ergonomic solution that reduces the number of staff required for order picking and other handling activities

TAWI Vacuum Lifting Unit

Mobile Units for Ultimate flexibility

Vacuum lifters that can be moved on demand

Mobile Order Picker

Attach this innovative order picker to any type of forklift, stacker or pallet truck. Fully mobile, the MOP operates with battery power resulting in ultimate flexibility. Easily handle loads up to 80kg.

Mobile High Frequency Lifter

A versatile lifting solution specially designed for container loading and unloading. Suited for high frequency applications. Handle loads up to 40kg at a rapid rate single handedly.

Mobile High Frequency Vacuum Lifters

A Mobile Solution For Container & Conveyor Unloading

Ideal for unloading boxes, parcels and items from containers and trucks, the mobile high frequency vacuum lifter is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used to streamline a variety of logistics processes.

The Lifter can be easily moved with a pallet truck, forklift or other device. Position the device next to a conveyor or work station and provided you have a power source to plug into, you are able to lift and handle items up to 40kg at a rapid pace.

The device allows individuals to lift and handle without any physical strain, in return resulting in less injuries and increased productivity. Due to the fact that less staff are required to do the lifting, the overall labour requirement decreases as well (one person can lift what was normally done by two, in a safer and more productive manner.

The Mobile High Frequency Vacuum Lifter is Available in the following options:

MHL40 (40kg Lifting Capacity)
MHL50  (50kg Lifting Capacity)

Easy and flexible reach inside and outside containers

The articulating arm allows an excellent range of motion, and thanks to the low-built design of the tower, you can easily reach into pallet racks or containers. The suction head grips the load from the top or the side, and the hose allows you to reach down to the bottom layer of the pallet.

Order Picking on the Go

The TAWI MOP is a mobile (battery powered) vacuum lifting unit, capable of lifting loads of up to 80kgs with. It can be moved and positioned and operated on while sitting on the forks of a pallet truck or walkie stacker.

With a variety of multifunction lifter attachments and a state of the art easy reach tool, the MOP can easily access and lift items out of pallet racks that are vertically restricted.

View the videos below to see it in action!


The Mobile Order Picker In Action

See how a mobile vacuum lifter could work for you.

TAWI Mobile Order Picker Options:

Ideal solutions to reduce staff contact during the coronavirus pandemic.


Mobile Order Picker VM (40-80kg Options)

This forklift attachment will give you full mobility in material handling. Pick goods on a pallet and quickly move from pallet rack to pallet rack with the lifter. Or drive the lifter into a container to unload goods

Lifting capacity: <80 kg


Mobile Order Picker C35 (Compact 35kg)

TAWI Mobile Order Picker Compact is available in one standard model. For special requests, please feel free to contact us.

    Lifting capacity: <35 kg

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