EP500 Roll Turning Clamp / Core Gripper Attachment

A heavy-duty roll-handling tool to be used on a walkie staker, forklift, or the Torros Multilift 500.

EP 22MM Hydro Clamp

EP 500 Hydraulic Clamp

An effective solution to clamp, lift and handle reels and rolls with a diameter ranging from 200mm - 1200 mm. (Up to 500kg)

EP 500 Core Gripper Attachment

A heavy-duty roll turning attachment, suitable for turning and positioning rolls or reels up to 500kg

EP 500 Hydraulic Clamp

This is a fully powered stand-alone Hydraulic Clamp for 500kg complete with its own Hydraulics and controls which can be fitted to any 24v stacker with FEM type carriage.

Easy to install to any 24v Stacker with FEM Carriage
• Requires 24v connection from the Stacker
• Min Max 200-1200mm Dia
• Clamping Speed: 1 meter in 4 sec
• Rotation Speed: 90 degrees in 1 sec
• Comes with adjustable pressure settings and speed control settings
• Different Hands available
• V Shape
• Curved - Rad to suit
• Roller Hands
• Flat Hands for Bales or Boxes
• Quick release plug and FEM style mounting means the tool can be detached or mounted in just a few minutes so that other tools can be used

Torros Roll Handling Clamp
Torros Clamp Turning

EP 500 Core Gripper

EP 500 Turner

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