The Process of loading or unloading bags, boxes and other items to and from pallets can be a strenuous task. Due to the nature of lifting, these activities pose as an injury risk that needs to be addressed. Business owners should take these matters seriously. 

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Safe and efficient manual palletizing solutions:

Below we provide information and illustrations to some ideal palletizing solutions that remove the need for automated, robotic palletizing solutions.

Palletizing Solution no.1 with the PalletPal.

PalletPal Palletizing Solution

The PalletPal spring load leveller, is both effective and low on cost.

Due to its built in fork channels, the PalletPal can be lifted and moved to different locations with ease. This makes the unit an extremely cost effective option for palletising and depalletizing goods in the factory or warehouse.

The PalletPal 360 allows the user to rotate the pallet. This ensures that the area, where objects are placed, is always a safe distance away. With growing focus on ergonomics in the workplace, the Palletpal is becoming an essential solution, with a variety of applications.

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Palletizing Solution no.2 with Marco Single Scissor Lift.

Marco single scissor palletizing solution

Macro Scissor Lift Tables, are ideal if the user requires more height adjustability.

No matter the weight of the load, the user can adjust the table to the most comfortable height possible. This type of table is ideal for varied loads that may not suit the same spring type on the Palletpal.

Low profile options with a ramp, allow workers to remove the pallet from the lift able, using a pallet truck, making it an extremely efficient option. 

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Palletizing Solution no.3 with Vaculex Vacuum Lifting Equipment.

Vaculex Palletizing Solution

Cheaper than Palletizing Robots but with the same benefits.

Our palletizing solutions are more versatile and cost far less when compared to automated palletizing systems. Manual palletizng without assistance from our product solutions is inefficient, requires more staff and carries the probability of injuries associated with continuous lifting. 

Back Injury

The weight of item being lifted, the frequency of lifting and the height of the lifting/ placing point are all elements that can contribute to unsafe work environment.

Our palletizing solutions assist the worker to palletize and depalletize goods in a safe, effective and efficient manner while eliminating the four ergonomic sins:

  • Lifting,
  • Bending,
  • Stretching and
  • Walking around the pallet carrying a load 

The cost of injuries in the work place is far greater than the cost of implementing safe working procedures. Our solutions reduce injuries while at the same time reducing the amount of staff required. This results in a more cost effective solution long term, while looking looking after the well being of your employees.

With stricter ergonomic laws continuously being introduced, we advise you to make the change as soon as possible. 

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