Low Profile Scissor lift tables

A low-profile lift table that does not need to be recessed into the ground.

Scissor Lift Table
MarcoLift low-profile scissor lift is the solution for safe and economical material handling in production lines, co-ordinated logistic systems and as an independently standing workstation for handling equipment in out-of-line tasks.

MarcoLift low-profile has a total vertical lift stroke, an important requirement when the lift table is installed in a production line co-ordinated logistic system.

MarcoLift low-profile, thanks to its low height, requires no pit in the floor. This makes it more adaptable and suitable for different application uses. It provides the operator with goods or work pieces at the right working height.

MarcoLift low-profile makes the working place ergonomically comfortable.

The power pack for MarcoLift low-profile is separately sited from the lift table so as not to limit the lift table operation.

MarcoLift low-profile can also be supplied in stainless steel or in a U-shape configuration.

U shape hydraulic scissor lift table

The Standard MarcoLift low-profile has the following features:
• Lifting capacity up to 2000 kg
• Stroke 800 mm
• Platform size up to 1400 mm x 1250 mm

Customised solutions to particular requirements can be provided.

Marco Low profile & U-shaped table product data sheet