Sheet Lifting

Lift, handle and move metal, plastic, wooden and other material sheets up to 500kg

Sheet Lifting Suction Cups

Lift, Move Tilt, Rotate, and Position with Ease:

  • Plastic or Laminate Sheets
  • Glass Sheets
  • Metal Sheets
  • Wooden Boards & Sheets
  • Other Materials


Different Product Options Suited To Your Handling Needs

Lifting Sheet of Metal

Sheet Gripper

Lift, move and handle sheets up to 500kg with the powerful TAWI Grip model specifically made for sheet and board handling 

Multi-function Vacuum Lifter

The Multi-function vacuum lifter has a range of attachments for safe and effective handling of all types of sheets and boards up to 270kg

Custom Attachments Are Available

Although we have a wide range of attachments and
solutions for lifting and handling metal, wood and plastic sheets, custom made tools can be provided.

We offer you an opportunity to greatly increase the
productivity of your operations as well as create a
safe and healthy working environment. It also allows
fewer workers to perform tasks.

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