High lift Scissor Lift Tables

Hydraulic Lift Tables with more than one set of vertically mounted scissors

High Lift Scissor Lift Table

MarcoLift single scissors has a limited stroke. In most cases, the maximum stroke is equal to the platform length divided by 1.5.

Higher strokes are achieved by designing the lift table with a multiple set of vertically mounted scissors.

MarcoLift high-lift can be used for example as work platforms, pallet loaders, elevators, disabled persons lifts and pallet stackers.

If compared with a traditional elevator MarcoLift high-lift is a rational and cost saving solution.

The Standard MarcoLift high-lift has the following features:
• Lifting capacity up to 4000 kg
• Stroke 800 mm – 4300 mm
• Platform size up to 3000 mm x 1200 mm

Customised solutions to particular requirements can be provided.

Marco High Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table
Marco High Lift Scissor product info table