Trolleys That Work

Design and manufacture of trolleys that workIn the market place, businesses can generally purchase standard trolleys from various outlets.  These designs are normally built to be competitive in price and short on quality or robustness.

The quality of the wheel or castor and its ease of movement often determines the trolleys real value or usefulness as a means of improving productivity and hence save costs and get more work done in the day.

This company has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of purpose made trolleys for specific applications.

Trolleys can be used for wholesale food, cash and carry
Purpose made trolleys






Examples of specific applications include:

1.Trolleys designed for Wholesale Food, Cash & Carry

where high load capacity, ease of movement, quietness and long life are important.  This industry should see these hard working trolleys as an investment and we can help in this sphere.

2.Trolleys suitable for towing by tow tractor

Higher speeds, greater impacts over imperfect floors and heavy loads are generally a feature of trolleys in this type of operation.  The choice of castor and wheel and their layout on the trolley are of paramount importance.  We have extensive expertise here.

3.Trolleys designed for order picking

Once staff have to pick goods above head height some challenges occur.  A combination of trolley and ladder is required combining ease of use, stability and the challenge is often to determine at what height and intensity of picking does a trolley/ladder become too basic and some mechanization needs to occur and at what cost.  We have some interesting designs of trolley and ideas to make this operation easier.


Considerable expertise exists in the company regarding design, importation and/or manufacture of cages on castors, called Rolltainers suitable for the transportation of food or other goods under lock and key in the retail industry.

5.Towable Rolltainers

Large hotels and casinos have found a use for towing lockable cages between key points such as stores, pubs, replenishment points, administration buildings, outdoor areas etc. where imperfect ground conditions occur, higher speeds are required and robust cages essential.

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