Marcolift Pallet Handler

MarcoLift pallet handler applied in work places where it is necessary to gain better access to the goods thus creating an ergonomically proper working place. The pallet handler is combined with a suitable type of MarcoLift lift table. This latter is for example provided with a tilt function to improve accessibility to the material.


The operator has always a storage for not machined and machined items. Down-time is minimised.

Lift table operation and pallet stop is carried out by means of an electrical control unit.

MarcoLift pallet handler can easily be moved by a fork truck to another working place. The pallet handler is served by a fork truck.

The standard MarcoLift pallet handler including lift table has the following features:
• Lifting capacity 1000 kg
• Stroke 1030 mm
• Platform size 1500 mm x 800 mm

Can be designed to other pallet sizes and to particular customer requirements.