Marco Low-Profile Disc Turntable

An Ideal Solution For Near-side Pallet Loading

The PalletPal Low-profile Disc Turntable is in a class of its own because of its unique low (24 mm) profile: so low it can be loaded easily with a pallet jack. The heavy-duty components in this industrial-duty turntable mean it will withstand demanding applications and give years of low-maintenance, trouble-free service.

  • A longer lifetime with high-precision punched/bent outer segment
  • Galvanized to withstand tough conditions
  • Braked when unloaded. Safe for equipment to roll across
  • Non-welded center assembly simplifies service and maintenance
Marco Low-Profile Disc
Marco Disc
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Key Features

› Low profile Compact design minimizes height when working, giving easy pallet jack access
› Round design: no corners Universal round turntable eliminates detents, stops, and “home” position
› Full diameter baseplate Most manufacturers use a small “one-size-fits-all” baseplate. Our full diameter baseplate spreads the load across the bearings, giving less deflection and greater stability even under eccentric loads
› Protected load bearings Perimeter dust-retaining strip helps prevent dirt and foreign material from getting into bearings
› Oversized center pin Oversized alloy center pin takes up the strain when loading/unloading
› Lubrication-free bushings Unique lubrication-free bushings minimize service requirements
› Two-year parts & labor warranty One of the strongest warranties

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